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  • Green Coffee Capacity: 3 - 6lbs.; 1.4 - 3kg
  • Dimensions, Maximum NOT Including Stand: 62" L x 29" W x 52" H

  • Dimensions, Maximum Including Shop Stand:  68" L x 29" W x 70" H

  • Dimensions, Maximum Including Off-Road Stand: 68" L x 29" W x 75" H

  • Shipping Weight: 650lbs.; 294.83 kg
  • Roaster Weight (Including Cyclone): 300lbs.; 136 kg
  • Stand Weight: 150lbs.; 68 kg
  • Roast Times: 7 - 12 Minutes
  • Hourly Output: 20lbs.; 9 kg


Standard Features


  • Specially designed paddles keep mixing consistent

  • Adjustable Airflow Control

  • Adjustable Drum Speed Controls

  • Manual Gas Valve

  • Roast Profile Connectivity

  • Infrared Burner Technology

  • Roast & cool simultaneously with dual motors

  • Independent drum airflow motor to allow consistent roast/airflow and prevent airflow disruption from cooling

  • Independent cooling motor to allow efficient cooling without disrupting drum airflow

  • Includes independent cyclone for max chaff collection

  • Accessible chaff bin for ease of emptying

  • Hinged sidewalls to make cleaning easy & simple

  • Digital temperature and time display to make roasting simple

  • 100% designed & manufactured in the U.S.A.


Additional Options


  • Shop Stand - $850.00 USD​

  • Off-Road Stand - $1,250.00 USD

  • Custom Paint - $1,600.00 USD

  • Design Package (STAND PURCHASE REQUIRED)* - $2,000.00 USD

  • Roast Profile Automation - $2,500.00 USD


  • Lead Time

    Six to Eight Week Lead Times

  • Shipping & Receiving

    Roaster will arrive on pallet.

    • Pallet Weight (NO STAND) - 400lbs.
    • Pallet Weight (INCLUDING STAND) - 500lbs.
  • Setup & Seasoning

    1-on-1 Facetime/Zoom call with our roastery team to walk you through your first seasoning roast.

  • Design Package

    The design package allows you to choose three color options for Roaster Body, Roaster Trim, and Stand. As well we will be adding artwork of your choice to wrap the body of the stand (UP TO FOUR ARTWORK PLACEMETNS). STAND PURCHASED REQUIRED*

  • Custom Paint

    The Custom Paint package allows you to choose two color options for Roaster Body and Roaster Trim. NO STAND PURCHASE REQUIRED*

  • Roast Profile Automation

    Both the Genesis-Xr3 and the Ranger-Xr5 are equipped with USB connection software standard. For an additional $2500.00 USD you can add our "Roast Profile Automation" Package. 

    This automation package allows you to sync your roast profiles with software such as "Cropster" to automate your roasting process by communicating directly with our unique prorportional gas valve. The gas valve continuously sends signals throughout the roasting process to open and close the gas valve precisely based on your desired roast profiles. 

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