Can the roaster do a true max capacity roast?

Yes, our roaster can roast a true max batch. However, batch capacity and roast capacity per hour depend on the type and quality of green coffee, the degree of roast, and the moisture content of the beans.

What is the roaster warranty?

The warranty covers all parts, components, and machinery for 2 years.

Delivery Time?

Delivery time is based on production's current schedules and can range from 6-8 weeks.

Is our drum single walled or double walled?

All of our roasters come with a standard single walled drum designed for optimal conductive energy transfer from the air to the drum and from the drum to the bean. However you do have the option to upgrade to a double walled drum.

What's the best way to determine what size roaster to buy?

Determining the size of roaster is dependent upon the customer's hourly and weekly capacity demand for roasted coffee.

What other equipment beside the roaster may be needed?

Depending on the roaster size and your location, an air control device may be needed such as a thermal or catalytic oxidizer (afterburner).You also may need a green coffee loading hopper with conveyance system.