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Dive Into the New Age of
Roasting Technology!

Xr-Series Options

Variable Frequency Drives (VFD's)

Variable Frequency Drives give you the ability to control the speed of AC motors by varying the frequency supplied to the motor. You now have the ability to control your drum speeds as well as the air flow going into your drum.

Additional Costs May Be Applied*

Roasting Profile Automation

The Xr-Series is equipped with USB connection software standard. For an additional $2500.00 USD you can add our "Roast Profile Automation" Package. This automation package allows you to sync your roast profiles with software such as "Cropster" or "Artisan" to automate your roasting process by communicating directly with our unique linear proportional gas valve. The gas valve system continuously sends signals throughout the roasting process to open and close the gas valve precisely based on your desired roast profiles. 

NOT Included with Standard Unit*

Infrared Burners

Infrared gas burners allow you to roast with conductive, convective, and radiant heat with total control. Aside from complete control, our infrared burner technology has the highest efficiency for gas consumption in the industry, with minimum pollution levels.

Included with Standard Unit*

External Cyclone

During the coffee roasting process, the beans release chaff and smoke as they undergo chemical changes and lose moisture. Our external cyclone plays a critical role in this process. It efficiently separates chaff and smoke, enabling the roasting process to proceed smoothly while ensuring that the workspace remains free of smoke and chaff particles. This not only enhances the quality of the roasted coffee but also provides a safer and more pleasant working environment for roasters.

Included with Standard Unit*

Custom Design Package

Customize your roaster to match your facility or coffee shop. You have the ability to choose your trim, body, cyclone, and front plate colors. As well as additionally adding your logo to side panels of the machine.

Additional Costs May Be Applied*

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

36 Satisfied Countries & Counting

Don't settle for a generic roaster. We have the vision of building what you want, NOT what we tell you. If you're unsure of what you may need feel free to give us a call at (1)-800-675-0160 and we will walk you through

our ordering process. 


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