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  • Green Coffee Capacity: 35 - 70lbs.; 16 - 32 kg
  • Dimensions, Maximum L x W x H: 101.5" x 103.5" x 78"
  • Shipping Weight: 2100lbs.; 952 kg
  • Roaster Weight: 1750lbs.; 793 kg
  • Cyclone Weight: 300lbs.; 136.1 kg
  • Roast Times: 9 - 15 Minutes
  • Hourly Output: 230lbs.; 104 kg


Standard Options


  • Specially designed paddles keep mixing consistent

  • Automated two-stage temperature controller with manual override for adjustments done on the fly.

  • Infrared Burner Technology

  • Roast & cool simultaneously with dual motors

  • Independent drum airflow motor to allow consistent roast/airflow and prevent airflow disruption from cooling

  • Independent cooling motor to allow efficient cooling without disrupting drum airflow

  • Includes independent cyclone for max chaff collection

  • Accessible chaff bin for ease of emptying

  • Hinged sidewalls to make cleaning easy & simple

  • Digital temperature and time display to make roasting simple

  • 100% designed & manufactured in the U.S.A.

  • All units come standard in either (White or Black). The Designs Package additional cost*  gives you the ability to pick two colors of your choice and the customization of your trim, body, cyclone colors, and logo addition.


Additional Options


  • Custom Design Packages Available.

  • Adjustable Air Flow for Ultimate Control.

  • Adjustable Drum Speed for Light Roast Control.

  • Additional Thermocouples for Superior Results & Consistency.

  • Roasting Profile Software.


  • Lead Time

    Lead Time: 8 - 10 weeks.

  • Shipping & Receiving

    Roaster will arrive in two crates. One crate designated to the roaster and one for the cyclone.

    • Roaster Crate - 1750lbs.
    • Cyclone Crate - 400lbs.
  • Setup & Seasoning

    1-on-1 Facetime/Zoom call with our roastery team to walk you through your first seasoning roast.

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