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Best Morning Food Pairings with Your Coffee

We’ve covered many facets to the coffee brewing process, the industry at large and morning routines to get your day started.

However, we haven’t delved into the intricacies and nuances that come with the best foods to complement your coffee.

While this doesn’t necessarily reflect our expertise, we can nonetheless offer extensive knowledge about how certain coffee pairings with specific foods will both excite your taste buds and jumpstart your day.

Here is a list of those food pairings that you should know.

Savory crepes

Savory caramel crepes by Misaochan2 via Wikimedia Commons.

Crepes are perhaps one of the least used or recognized breakfast foods in the U.S—in comparison to some of the more popular options out there. However, crepes perhaps have the most seamless aesthetic and taste bud integration with coffee. Instead of nullifying your coffee flavor—like other foods—crepes will often augment it. If you opt to go this route, consider pairing them with salted caramel crepes.


A veggie omelet by nemoelguedes via Pixabay.

Now we’re venturing into the realm of frequently consumed, good ‘ol fashioned American breakfast dishes. In addition to that pleasantly pungent smell in the mornings, omelets certainly ascend to the top of the list when it comes to providing the relishing taste. And when paired with coffee—specifically Sumatra or Indonesian variants—you get a dish that will provide you with the energy you need to start your day right.


Chocolate & pistachio biscotti via audinou via Wikimedia Commons.

This is yet another dish that doesn’t get enough attention in popular signature domestic morning dishes. It is certainly picking up in popularity, but given its crisp, satisfyingly crunchy texture, one would surmise it would have more favor with the public. However, when you pair this up with cappuccinos, you’ll find that your morning routine will become that much more satisfying.


Oatmeal and oat porridge by cgdsro via Pixabay.

Coffee and oatmeal are one of those ‘tale as old as time’ morning pairings. However, it often goes unnoticed when it comes to surveying which coffee and food duos are the best. With coffee, you’re getting that energy boost you need to start your day, while oatmeal is supplying the caloric side of things. So when you elect for this option, you’re going with a happy medium that is covering all of the basic tenants of a solid breakfast.

French toast

French toast by Ralph Daily via Wikimedia Commons.

On the flip side, french toast with coffee can be a seamless addition to your breakfast. For this pairing, we recommend light roast coffee beans to get you started. This combination is also efficacious to experiencing what a foreign kind of meal would look like in the morning (on the Paris side of things). Now just fit in some other additions like bananas and syrup along with some fruit—with this, you’re seeing one of the healthier, tastier combinations on this list.

As always, check our website to discern what type of roster is the right one for you—whether it’s a large, commercial-sized iteration or a smaller one for your own personal needs.

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