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The Capabilities of the Genesis-Xr3

Brandon Miller - Owner & CEO of Primo Roasting Equipment

Our commitment to bringing you eco-friendly coffee is tantamount to our goal for providing you roasts from newly made harvests shipped directly from the country of origin.

One of the characteristics that sets us apart from our competitors is all of our products are made and manufactured in the United States.

And one the forthcoming roasters we will be showcasing is no exception to that rule.

Today, we will be introducing our Genesis-Xr3, which comes hand-made and custom built depending on your specifications. But for now, we will go over some of the featured tools that come with the Xr3.

For starters, this roaster comes with two specially designed paddles that keep mixing consistent, so that you’re getting the best blends our product has to offer.

In other words, this puts Keurig to shame.

In addition, the Genesis X-r3 roaster comes with an automated two-stage temperature controller, which allows you to control both the temperature and time which allows for a concoction of a quality brew before you start the day.

This makes sense, given this three-kilo machine is also capable of roasting 20 pounds per hour.

And while you’ll be able to roast and simultaneously cool your coffee thanks to a dual motor control system, this robust apparatus also allows for continual airflow control which helps allow for efficient cooling throughout the roasting process.

But what is perhaps more exigent to both our business and the quality of our products is your morning experience. Primo Roasting Equipment is fortuitous enough—and is lauded for— our commitment to bringing you cutting edge quality that enhances your morning experience.

And one of the best parts to this, of course, is that this product includes a two year warranty on all parts, components, and machinery.

Of course, what is the point of providing extra design and accessibility to our clients if we can’t deliver on the aesthetics?

To that end, the Genesis-Xr3 comes in either white or black colors. However, you can add variegated coloring to your own Primo Roaster by using our designs package, which comes at an additional price point. With this option at your disposal, you can pick two colors with additional options such as adjusting the trim, body and cyclone colors to your liking.

But we don’t want to circumvent the main attraction of this product, which are the features and specifications that set us apart from the rest of the competition.

Another ancillary, but nonetheless incremental part of this roaster are the profiling software you can take advantage of using cloud technology.

Yes, that’s correct.

You can now use quintessential cloud computing capabilities on your roaster.

More specifically, you can use roasting profile software which includes four-input temperature sensors that give you the ability to add three additional thermocouples to ensure your roasts are resulting in a consistent result to your liking.

And rest assured empty nesters, this capability is streamlined and easy to use. All you have to do is plug a USB drive from the machine control panel into your computer or tablet to receive data directed from your roaster. This way, you can even customize how your coffee is brewed beforehand—thereby expediting and minimizing any stressful morning routine.

As a U.S.-made product, mitigating our carbon footprint becomes essential.

We also equip our roasters—if specified—with infrared burners, which allow for the highest efficiency for gas consumption in the industry, with minimum pollution levels. By extension, we also allow for Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) which allow you to control the speed of these AC motors. This allows you to control your drum speeds and the airflow as a result.

But while we take pride in the technological capabilities we’ve imparted to our roasters, crafting utility into our products is another particular feature of the Genesis-Xr3.

In keeping with this theme, we have built in hinged sidewalls to make for an easy cleaning process. And to top it all off, throw in an accessible chaff bin for ease of emptying the remnants of your morning brew process.

Finally, as part of our going theme with our newly introduced Xr-Series, our story comes full circle. Since the coffee industry has often been colloquially characterized as an antiquated industry, the Genesis-Xr3 serves to rebut this stereotype by providing cutting edge technology and capabilities into your morning routine.

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