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Here Are Some Caffeine Alternatives to Start Your Day

If you are in the business of trying to cut back on caffeine, we are completely amenable and understanding to your situation. After all, too much of anything can be typically bad for you.

So whether you’re an intrepid coffee drinker who is trying to experience something new on their coffee adventures; or someone who wants to find a more salubrious alternative, we have you covered.

Here’s a list of some healthier coffee iterations—and vegan examples—that can help you out.

Vegan turmeric latte

To kick us off, we’ve provided a latte alternative that enables you to enjoy caffeine to some small degree while retaining as much taste as possible. With this latte variant, you get much less dairy, too, which can help with people who suffer from being lactose intolerant, for example.

Vegan turmeric latte by Home is the Best Made via YouTube.

With vegan turmeric latte, you also feel a sense of relief when you take a sip of it; and it is also an efficacious way to mitigate any internal inflammatory issues you may have, too.

Warm lemon water

There is a reason why lemon water has been offered as an alternative at Starbucks. In fact, there are many health benefits to lemon water, but it is also a seamless way to wake up during the nascent stages of the day, too.

Lemon water by Marco Verch Professional via Flikr.

With the inveterate antioxidants in the chemical makeup of lemon water, you still receive that proxy boost you need in the mornings that caffeine also delivers. Other upsides, however, include hydration, along with better digestion and weight management, too.

Vegan smoothies

While a warm cup of coffee certainly provides its fair share of benefits for providing that jolt in the morning to get you started on your day, there are other alternatives that many people can often overlook.

Vegan smoothies by NatureFriend via PixaBay.

With a vegan smoothie alternative, you’re going to feel a more protracted energy boost to carry you through the morning and the rest of your working day, too. With this option, you also get the chance to be creative with the seemingly endless amount of combinations you can make.

Matcha latte

This type receives much public approbation and popularity as of late, and for good reason. Technically, matcha lattes are a powdered green tea iteration; and like its green tea and warm lemon water counterparts, it also comes infused with antioxidants, too.

A matcha green tea latte by NuCastiel via Wikimedia Commons.

In addition, matcha lattes are extremely easy to make and only require up to four ingredients. You can also use non-dairy milk when making it for a much more relaxing, exuberant start to your day.

Dandelion root tea latte

This is probably the most identically reminiscent item of generic coffee on this list. So if you find yourself on the intractable side to dispelling—intermittently or for the long-term—of your prior (or current) caffeine habits, then look no further than dandelion root tea lattes.

Dandelion coffee by Bart Everson via Flikr.

With this iteration, you get a dandelion root tea variant that will give you a bold, strong caffeine taste while retaining all of the healthy alternative benefits you’re looking for—a gluten-free blend that bolsters liver support and even female hormonal balance.

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