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How We Got Started

As a company that was initially founded in 1993, we take great pride in our roots; and more specifically, what makes us stand out in our industry.

We simply don’t want to take the old-fashioned ideas from an industry that often gets stigmatized as ‘out-of-touch’. Instead, our emphasis turns to how we can provide you with a roaster that reflects who you are—through a bevy of customizable options—while adding capabilities that enhance your morning routine experience.

Morning routine by Liz West via Flikr.

Originally founded by Dion Humphreys, he spent more than three decades in the coffee industry before embarking on this project at Primo Roasting Equipment. After working alongside many pioneers and entrepreneurs in the industry, Humphreys decided to concoct his own line of coffee machines.

And the results were eye-opening.

For beginners, he was instrumental in supplying PRI-model roasters offering 2.5, 5, 15, 20, and 30 kilos. When he finished this ambitious project (26 years while delivering roasters from across the globe) he decided to embark on a new mission.

Our mission is dual-pronged: to enhance your morning routine so that you will never have to invest in another coffee roaster for the long term.

Then in February of 2020, Primo was eventually sold to Brandon Miller—now CEO of Primo Roasters. Miller, who has knowledge germane to the coffee industry, has taken on the role of augmenting our Primo roasting machines.

Miller, who sports an eclectic background in the coffee industry, owes his roots from both Greenville and Huntington Beach, California.

Huntington Beach pier at sunset by Barnsb900 via Wikimedia Commons.

More specifically, he comes from humble roots from a ranch in Northern California. During this nascent stage of his life, he was able to become acquainted with an eclectic array of machinery which then informed his knowledge of making prototypical roasters that go against the grain of the market.

In addition, he also gained a jack-of-all-trades trait that allowed him to fix a wide range of machines from four wheelers to tractors. Through this somewhat makeshift career vocation, Miller then was able to gain a trait that allowed him to become insatiably curious about how things work.

Eventually, in a turnabout way, this brought Miller into the coffee industry at the age of 19 upon his first purchase of a coffee roaster.

What happened next was an event some might call unorthodox, while others can say it was simply creative.

He then took apart the roaster and reversed engineered it so he could understand the inner workings of his newly crafted brewing apparatus.

One of Primo Roasting Equipment’s premiere Xr-Series roasters by Christian Longnecker.

Fast forward a number of years before the pandemic to February 2020, when he decided to buy Primo Roasting Equipment from Humphreys—from there, he would begin an audacious undertaking to craft novel and robust roasters for customers.

More specifically, Miller would re-design each machine in keeping with the newly-acquired Primo Roasters goal of changing the brand to a more eclectic “hip” style.

Coffee beans by Adrianna Szenthe via World Atlas.

Thus far, his undertaking has been a success, with more than 18 months in the bank and introducing the Xr~series that has since taken the industry by storm with offerings of 5, 15, 20 and 30 kilo batch sizes for varying machines.

Lastly, Primo Roaster Equipment’s two-man ship is topped off with Christian Longnecker.

Christian hails from Oahu, Hawaii, where he honed an eclectic array of skills in photography, videography, product design, web development and product aesthetics. What’s more impressive however is the veteran seasonality he brings to the business thanks to more than 10 years working for many global companies and brands.

Keeping these aforementioned skills in mind, he is devoted to catering your roaster to fit the most quixotic model you had in mind before making your purchase.

For more forthcoming posts, keep it here at Primo Roasting Equipment where we will update you on our upcoming products—including a featured roaster in early 2022—along with other state-of-the-art roasters, like the Ranger-Xr5.

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