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Introducing the Warden-Xr30

For many coffee shop business owners, bigger is often better. For others, however, there are caveats to this old adage.

That is, if you find yourself in the position with a large coffee bean roasting quantity for your given demographic, then having a large roaster as part of your asset base is an efficacious element to your business.

The Warden-Xr30 by Christian Longnecker.

One example the coffee roaster business owner must be wary of is the difference between the recommended and optimal capacity. In other words, every roaster comes with a manufacturer’s capacity, but this doesn’t take into account the quality of the roast in relation to the correct capacity based on your needs.

Typically, you will find that most machines put out the best coffee at around 50 to 70 percent of their nominal capacity.

To that end, we wanted to spotlight our Warden-Xr30 roaster—our largest roaster to date of this writing.

A larger snapshot of the Warden by Christian Longnecker.

This mammoth of a roaster is of course hand made like the rest of our products, specifically tailored to fit your exact specifications.

However, we wanted to present you with the specifications of this roaster—a seamless fitting roaster for larger batches—which equals out to a 31.75 kilogram maximum batch size. Of course, make sure to take note of the correct percentage of this size in correlation to the desired quality of your roast.

In addition, the Warden-Xr30 comes with additional options like custom design packages, manual air flow options (which allow for enhanced control), additional thermocouples for augmented results and consistency and roasting profile software.

In keeping along the lines of quality and consistency, the standardized Warden-Xr30 also comes with specialized paddles to keep the mixing process consistent throughout.

With this behemoth (101.5” x 103.5” x 78”), you also have the option of implementing new age coffee roasting capabilities, too.

Coffee beans roasting by superkorean via Pixabay.

One example is roasting profile software. With this add-on, you can use 4-input temperature sensors which enable you to increase the likelihood of enhanced consistency for your roasts. Simply plug a USB from the Warden into your tablet or computer. After doing so, you’ll have access to receiving roast data patterns and graphs based on your activity.

Next, we have the infrared burners. These allow you to utilize a fully versatile array of roasting—using conductive, convective and radiant heat with total control. And the best part? You get a greener alternative to your roast as this technology uses the highest efficiency for gas consumption in the industry with nominal pollution levels.

Lastly, we have variable frequency drives (VFD’s). If you choose to embed this feature, you gain the ability to control the speed of AC motors by customizing the frequency to your specific needs. With this functionality at your fingertips, you can control the drum speeds and the airflow simultaneously that seep into your roaster.

That concludes our presentation of the Warden, which would serve as the quintessential roaster for your larger batch sizes. For more information on the Warden-Xr30, check out the rest of our website and get started with a quote today.

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