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The Raven X-r15 and What an Optimized Roaster Can Do for You

For this next product, we bring you the Raven X-r15.

This is one of our more voluminous offerings, which boasts a maximum roasting batch size of 15 kilograms and brews at 43.3 kilograms per hour.

For mass roasting purposes, the Raven X-r15 will take your coffee to the next level needed to satisfy a sizable influx of customers. And like many of our products, this comes equipped with the features needed to both provide customers with both quality and quantity.

One of those capabilities is the automated two-stage temperature controller that comes equipped with infrared burner technology that allows for specially catered, quality coffee for your customers.

However, this is a novelty luxury your customers will be sure to appreciate.

For starters, few companies are using infrared roasting to elicit a genuine flavor and aroma for their products. One of these examples include how commercial coffees are made, which usually entails hot air roasted with unevenly cooked “acidic” beans.

According to sources, only two percent of produced coffee beans are roasted using infrared technology. This specific kind of technology also typically leads to lower acidity levels, a bean that is evenly roasted and virtually extirpates the bitter or burnt taste other roasters may render.

Roasted ground coffee beans alongside a cup of hot coffee by Marco Verch via Flikr.

Through specialty roasting, the beans then increase in temperature which allows for rapid increases much faster than ones roasted by hot air. In addition, infrared roasting showed there was increased consistency of beans that were roasted using infrared technology.

The conclusive takeaway from the study was as follows:

“From the viewpoint of taste, the extract of the infrared roasted coffee beans is distinguishable from the existing [conventional roasting], since it is rich in aroma components and shows a ‘light’ acidity.”

In other words, you are getting state-of-the-art, cutting edge services with the X-r15.

For a look at what happens internally in a roaster, check out this video which shows a hands-on perspective of the process from the vantage point of a comparable roaster.

Additionally, you’ll get an accessible chaff bin to allow for ease of emptying the remnants of your brew.

For those who may be unfamiliar with the terminology, coffee chaff is the dried skin on a coffee bean—the husk—which tapers off during the roasting process. The residue, or chaff, typically serves to undermine coffee roasters in that it is technically a waste product. And to add insult to injury, chaff has a tendency to get everywhere, too.

Fortunately, thanks to the aforementioned residual chaff mechanism, this becomes a virtual non-issue.

Since the Raven X-r15 is somewhat of a hefty product, with the cyclone coming in at 90” x 80” x 78” dimensions, accessibility and mobility become all the more important from both a utilitarian and shipping perspective.

The Raven X-r15 by Christian Longnecker via Primo Roasting Equipment.

On this front, the X-r15’s hinged side walls make cleaning simplistic and easy for the owner. This comes alongside a digital temperature and time display, too, which simplifies how you tweak your roasting specifications to the desired parameters needed for your brew.

Finally, we need to talk about the quality of the coffee you’ll be getting courtesy of the hefty Raven X-r15.

Another one of the most tantamount qualities of an optimal coffee roaster is the heating process. In other words, if you’ve ever asked yourself ‘what does a roaster actually do?’, then you’re in the right place.

Within the roaster itself, hundreds of chemical reactions happen within a matter of minutes. But setting the correct parameters to control these factors becomes exigent when you’re dealing with a large amount of consumers.

After extracting the correct recipe from what coffee brewers will typically use as a smaller roaster, the cook will have to wait 12-24 hours after using sample roasts from different brewers before testing for further quality.

Overall, you're giving customers a granular, pristine experience with the Raven x-r15—bringing all the complimentary aromas, flavors, acidity and sweetness the coffee industry has to offer.

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